Kodi Addon Creation Guide
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July 19, 2016, 12:53:51 PM
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No need to learn the Python language in order to get this addon kodi. Just follow the steps and in no time your private kodi addon will be in the Matrix1. From ares wizard

Hi all..
Welcome to what i hope will be the beginning of a very special journey for some of you reading this. I only began all this around a year ago and i have gone from strength to strength in my skills, i feel now is the time to start giving something back to the community that in the past, i have learnt so much from..

In the guide we will be making an addon based on youtube, with channels / playlists off the youtube website.

Before we begin, you will need to download and install the software listed below, this guide was formed on windows but the actual steps should be very similar on all platforms.
Notepad ++

A working youtube addon zip is here

You will now need to download these template files and extract the folder to your desktop..

Shall we begin..
First of all you need to think of a name for your addon, for this guide we call it "My Addon"

The folder you should rename, without any spaces in the title, in my case ""

Now inside the folder you will see two images, use to make yourself an icon and a fanart, the sizes are written on the templates and just save those in place in the folder over writing the old ones.

Next step is to open up the addon.xml, do this by right clicking and then selecting open with notepad ++, as shown below.

Now, we need to edit lines 2,3,5,15 & 16, a breakdown of each is below

2 - Needs to be the same as you named the folder in the first step, in my case "".
3 - The name as it will display in Kodi on the addon lists, in my case "My Addon".
5 - The name in the Author section of the addons information screen, in my case, "My Name" .
15 & 16 - You fill as u like, a description of the type of content or a link too our forums is always a good shout.

Once done, the addon.xml should look like below, if it does, just hit save.

Next we need to find a playlist that we would like to add to the addon, so head over to youtube and do a search, once searched, as shown below, use the filters to select playlists

You should be left with a list of just playlists so pick the one you want to use and grab the url by right clicking on the playlist and selecting "copy link address"

This gives me the link below. The part we need i have seperated to a new line and highlighted yellow..

https:// www. watch?v= gUADp1QsyE8&list=


You will also need an image url for the artwork the addon links to the playlist, for this, head to google and do an image search, right click on an image and select "copy image address" as shown below.


this will give u a url like this

Now we have both of these urls, we can open the in the folder we started with..

line 7, you should edit, again to the same name as your folder, in my case ""

line 12, the space i have left with ########, needs filling in with the part of the url we highlighted above, so once completed should look like this.
YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_ID_1 = "PLgr3JcNZkHshwky2puArJfgA9WKq88L-X"

line 36, is simply the title of the playlist.

line 38, again, in the space i have filled with #######, the link we took for the image should be pasted into there.. Once all done, you should have something like this below.
You can then save and exit notepad ++..

Are you ready to go test now ?

Close the folder, select with a single click, then right click and choose "add to archive".. then just select ".zip" and press ok


Now head into Kodi and proceed to install your addon just as you would any other from .zip

Like Magic, all working.. Any questions then feel free to post below and ill help u get started, in the near future too im going to add more to the addon and show you a few very basic terms / skills in python that u will need to understand if you are to proceed any further in Kodi's inner workings..

Hope you enjoy this and it explains things in enough detail to get you guys started on your journey..
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